•    7-10TH APRIL 2020 | CURTAIN UP 7:30pm

About TAP

Tettenhall Amateur Players (TAP) was conceived in time honoured fashion by five friends over a bottle of wine in a…

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Thinking of becoming a member of TAP? Membership is open to all who love creating good theatre. No experience is necessary.…

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  • “You know what they say, love makes the world go round. And sex of course – when you can get it. We aim to surprise. We may not have lions in this little circus of ours, but we have tigers….How’s your inner tiger tonight? Roundelay, a fantabulous conglomeration of circus, dance and music. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for close encounters with the third age!”

  • Alan Ayckbourn is not always my favorite playright but this play is fun. The play starts out as a very ordinary comedy and end up more of a farce, good to watch and also great parts for the cast.

    Improbable Fiction
  • The Silence Of The Lambs meets Last Of The Summer Wine in dark comedy thriller. What’s not to like!?

    The Killer Question