Tettenhall Amateur Players (TAP) was conceived in time honoured fashion by five friends over a bottle of wine in a pub!

Any ‘luvvie’ worth their salt needs that ‘star-struck ambition’, an irresistible need to show off and the all rewarding camaraderie of theatre; these qualities always act as a magnet for like minded extroverts looking for something to do!


– Brendan O’Malley – Deborah Frost –
– Emma Blacker – Jane DeVille Almond – Jo Timms –

Years of combined amateur and semi-professional experience, ‘greenhorn’ enthusiasm, plus the desire to create something new and theatrical in Tettenhall led to the formation of Tettenhall Amateur Players (TAP) in April 2013, and it amazed the original five that there was plenty of curiosity from would-be actors, actresses and people wanting to join!

Nine years on we are an Award Winning group that has trebled in size – attracting both ‘newbies’ and seasoned actors.

Our first full length play was ‘Kindly Leave the Stage’ by John Chapman which we performed at King’s School in Tettenhall Wood.  ‘Improbable Fiction‘ by Alan Ayckbourn and ‘The 39 Steps‘ by Patrick Barlow were performed the following year.

King’s School

In May 2015 we moved venues and put on ‘Don’t Dress for Dinner‘ by Marc Camoletti at The Hayward Theatre, S Peter’s School in Compton.

St Peter’s School

Our autumn production was another French classic, ‘A Flea in Her Ear‘ by Georges Feydeau.  With five plays under our belt we decided to put on a more edgy and adult play, ‘Dinner‘ by Moira Buffini.  This was followed by a Ray Cooney farce, ‘It Runs in the Family‘ and ‘Whodunnit‘ by Anthony Shaffer.

Keen to try something different we performed ‘Murder, Margaret and Me‘ by Philip Meeks at The Crown Joules pub in Codsall in May 2017.
November 2017 saw our final production at The Hayward Theatre – the fantastic ‘Relative Values‘ by Noel Coward.

2018 saw us take on an exciting challenge with ‘Rope‘ by Patrick Hamilton – for which we won the NODA (District 7) BEST DRAMA AWARD: 2018. Rope was presented at Linden House – allowing us to stage the production in the ‘thrust’.

Seeking some winter sun – November 2018 saw us jet-off with ‘Holiday Snap‘ a play by Michael Pertwee and John Chapman – presented at our current home of Perton Golf Club – where in March 2019, we were privileged to bring a brand new play to the stage of the first time; ‘The Killer Question‘ by Dave Payne.

‘Roundelay’ by Alan Ayckbourn was our fifteenth production and was presented at Perton Golf Club – 12-15 November 2019. Little did we realise what was going to happen world-wide.

Rehearsals started in earnest at the beginning of 2020 for Harvey by Mary Chase. As the performance dates loomed so did the horrors of Covid and by the middle of March all rehearsals and performances were cancelled.

At the start of 2021 hope seemed to be in sight and anxious to keep the Group alive we had small group readings of Codpieces by Perry Pontac and once Covid rules relaxed we started rehearsals for Codpieces in September 2021. We were fortunate to be able to perform at Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre in Codsall in November.

Still a little uncertain of how things were going to pan out we decided on performing The Shakespeare Revue by Christopher Luscombe and Malcolm McKee again at the Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre.

Our next play, Rough Justice by Terence Frisby was in complete contrast to our last two plays which were both Shakespearean in content and in levity. This was our first production at The Mount Hotel.

We are delighted to be returning to The Mount Hotel with a psychological thriller Trap for a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas in March 2023. Tickets will be on sale shortly.