Once we are able to get back into the swing of things TAP will be putting on two of Perry Pontac’s plays from Codpieces; Hamlet, Part II and Prince Lear!  The playlets will be filmed and tickets will be available to purchase on-line.

 They have been regularly performed on BBC radio and lend themselves perfectly for a filmed production. The playlets are parodies told in the form of prefaces and continuations: what happens after a returning ambassador turns up at the end of Hamlet or before Lear takes it into his head to share out his kingdom?  Perry Pontac is an American who has lived and worked in London for over forty years and frequently works in radio drama.  All of thirteen plays he has so far written for radio, exploit extreme situations and ornate language for comic purposes.  With lines spoken of the late Laertes it could well be Shakespeare –

‘A corpse who even nowIs freshly festering in a nearby graveWith all the zest of youth’

These plays are not for the exclusivity of Shakespeare lovers but for those who enjoy absurdist comedy and brilliant writing.  So, if you are wondering about the state of Denmark after Hamlet’s demise and how King Lear was duped into dividing up his kingdom watch this space for further information.

I’ll go through the rest of the website as I know there will need to be changes but I need to make some telephone calls!  Unfortunately, we have once again lost our venue!!!