by David Payne

The Silence Of The Lambs meets Last Of The Summer Wine in dark comedy thriller. What’s not to like?!

Former game show champion Walter Crump lives for murder (it was even his specialist subject on nerve shredding, general knowledge quiz, The Chair). But, did this obsession with death ultimately lead to his own? That’s certainly what Inspector Black believes and, now it is Crump’s dopey widow, Margaret, who finds herself in the chair – accused of her husband’s murder.  

But as shocking details emerge about events leading up to Walter’s final head to head, it quickly transpires that what started out as an-open-and-shut case has turned into another game altogether: the cat and mouse variety, with more than one deadly twist in the tale.

Will Inspector Black solve the mystery? Will Margaret be home in time for Countryfile? And who will prove to be the ultimate victim of The Chair?