We are so excited to let you know that we will be performing our next production, ‘Rough Justice’ by Terence Frisby in the Great Hall at The Mount Hotel (Monday, 28 November to Wednesday, 30 November). ‘Rough Justice’ is an emotive courtroom drama and the ambience of the performance space will add to the intensity of the play. Tickets will be on sale shortly and we would advise that you book early.

Following our performance of ‘Codpieces’ by Perry Pontac we quickly realised that we needed a play that could address any issues should an actor not be able to perform due to Covid. We fell upon ‘The Shakespeare Revue’ by Christopher Luscombe and Malcolm McKee. Despite our concerns two actors did contract Covid but were ‘Covid-free’ for the performances.

Back in September last year we felt that it had been way too long since Tettenhall Amateur Players had put on a production and we looked at ways of how to perform on-line.  To get round the 2 metre distancing rule we were unable to continue rehearsing for ‘Harvey’ by Mary Chase due to the large cast. 

We needed to find a play with a much smaller cast, a considerably shorter length of play and one which had little or no scenery to take up most of the acting area.   Following lengthy discussions with the more technical members of the group and, following lots of play readings we came up with what we thought was a viable solution! We decided to perform two of Perry Pontac’s playlets from Codpieces; Hamlet, Part II and Prince Lear!  We would film the productions and sell tickets on-line.  With help and support from Bilston Rotarian Club we were on to a winner! 

They have been regularly performed on BBC radio and lend themselves perfectly for a filmed production. The playlets are parodies told in the form of prefaces and continuations: what happens after a returning ambassador turns up at the end of Hamlet or before Lear takes it into his head to share out his kingdom?  However, with a lockdown before Christmas and the current lockdown, which seems never ending, we have only managed to cast and distribute scripts. 

Lines are supposedly being learnt but enthusiasm is probably a little lack-lustre!  However, we are moving forward and are planning to film the production in June, subject to lockdown of course.  We will then make a decision when tickets will go on sale and when the playlets will be available for viewing.  So do watch this space . . . 

One thought on “The way forward…”

  1. Please contact me when any tickets are available online.
    My daughter, Eleanor, was in CYT in the early 2000s and interalia was a friend of Dave Payne.
    I LOVE Hamlet and it was the first play I ever saw at The RSC in what was then called ‘ Lower Sixth ‘ when my father took me to Stratford.
    I also remember seeing Ian MCKellen as the straight jacketed Hamlet in the Prospect Theatre company production at The Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton ( ! ) – rather more cultured in those days I seem to remember !

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